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The UK's number 1 tyre sealant

Hello and welcome to Tread Safe. We sell and install a tyre sealant that permanently repairs up to 95% of punctures as they happen!

Our product works on almost any type of pneumatic tyres and there is a solution for any vehicle type - from a push bike all the way up to plant and machinery!


Ours is the only product on the market that permanently seals punctures in high speed vehicles, in fact it works up to 146 MPH on vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes!

We can either supply the product for you to install yourself or we can provide you with a full installation package.

Installation in a car, van, motorbike or caravan is quick, easy and cost-effective - a member of our team can attend your home or office and install in as little as half an hour!

For fleets of vehicles we can provide a bespoke quote for supply or installation so please get in touch.

We also have a Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty product for HGVs and Plant and machinery. We will happily discuss your requirements with you to protect you entire fleet!


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Reduction in downtime

By preventing punctures you, your family or your staff can stay on the road longer

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Increased road safety

Keeps you safer on the road by reducing punctures and maintaining control if one occurs

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Reduced maintenance

Less time in the workshop, checking tyre pressures and carrying out ad-hoc repairs

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Save money

Cost saving on both worn and damaged tyres and fuel

For information on pricing and how to buy our product or to arrange a fitting, please get in touch.


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